Best birthday reminder app

In order not to forget the birthday of a friend or family member, we have selected a list of the best mobile applications. These apps will help you avoid embarrassing situations of forgetting important dates. Here are 5 free birthday reminder apps.

birthday reminder app

● 1 - Anniversaires (Celebration)

Don't forget your loved ones' birthdays anymore with this 100% free app. It's easy to use. You enter the first name of the person concerned and then their date of birth. And that's it! You will automatically receive a notification on your phone when the birthday arrives to buy the gift in time and a second notification on their birthday to congratulate them on their birthday. Add as many people as you want, this app is free and without ads.

Best birthday reminder app in 2021

● 2 - Anniversaires (Birthdays)

Available on the App Store, this application allows you to insert your contacts into a calendar dedicated to birthdays.

● 3 - Birthday Reminder

Also available on both stores, this intuitive and easy-to-use application allows you to save your loved ones' birthdays and receive a reminder to congratulate them. 

● 4 - Contact's Birthday

The idea is the same as for the above applications and gives you the possibility to record the birthdays of all the people who are important to you.

● 5 - Calendar and birthday reminders

In addition to the functionality of adding a reminder to remember birthdays, this application also has an integrated calendar in which you can store all your personal events.